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Hello, it has been a while since most of you last heard from me. Sadly the Blueshirt Bulletin appears to be no more so I am back to being on my own. This site is a work in progress and I won’t lie I have no idea how to design a site.

I didn’t want to wait any longer as the New York Rangers are entering a critical period for the franchise. Yes hiring John Davidson as team president was a great start but that is what it is just a start. Davidson is going to need to overhaul several key areas for the Rangers as soon as possible.

Forget the draft as you still are weeks away as it overhaul starts with Hartford. While Chris Drury is the general manager of the team, by all rights they should hire an assistant for Drury. Said assistant can help with the scouting as well as track those prospects assigned to Maine of the ECHL.

If it was me, I would also hire a strength and conditioning coach for Hartford as well as upgrade the training facilities. These are players who the Rangers are hoping will be a big part of their future so investing as much as possible will be key.

steve-konowalchukAs for the next Hartford coach, I have been telling anyone who will listen that the best choice already works for the Rangers and that is former NHLer Steve Konowalchuk. Konowalchuk is currently an amateur scout for the Rangers but used to be the coach of the Seattle Thunderbirds.

With the Thunderbirds, Konowalchuk turned that team into a WHL champion while developing Matt Barzal and Ryan Gropp. The Rangers need a coach who can teach and that is Konowalchuk. He is a no-nonsense guy who has played in the NHL and has shown that he can turn programs around.

I would also swap the consultant title for an assistant coach and put Eric Raymond in Hartford on a full-time basis. Raymond is a disciple of current Rangers goalie coach Benoit Allaire and no matter which goalie winds up there, they will need a teacher.

The other assistant would be current professional scout Steve Eminger. The former Ranger isn’t too far removed from his NHL playing days that he would have instant credibility with the Hartford players. The days of using veteran minor leaguers to stock the Hartford roster has to end.

Yes, there will be growing pains but rebuilding won’t work if one tries to do it on the cheap. There is no salary cap when it comes to how much to spend of your minor league teams so now is the time to spend.


Like I said this place is a work in progress so it will take sometime before we reach what I am wanting. One thing I want to bring back is the list of those who cover the Rangers. 
So if you are a fellow blogger or have a website and wish to be added, please contact me

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